ethical and handmade clothes 

*The story 

Maureen was born in the charming town of La Rochelle, but in 1998, she moved to Paris to study design in the renowned Duperré institute.
In 2000, now a freshly graduated and fully trained stylist, she left the school to create her own brand.

And soon enough, she started putting together her very first woolen jewels, and then came the bustiers, the dresses, the bags ... until she had a whole range of ready to wear clothes, all bearing her unique sense of style and femininity.

In 2004, she opened her very first workshop in Montreuil, where she started to get some notoriety.

In 2006, after years of exhibiting her creations in the Capital's fashion fairs, she finally settled in a nice and cosy workshop in the 11th arrondissement, that would become her nest for the years to come.There, she imagined, sewed, and welcomed her customers, more and more of them, all drawn in by her mesmerising fairy universe.

Thanks to their faithful support, Maureen decided in 2010 to open an e-shop, for those who couldn't come to Paris, and surprise ! It was a huge success !

As she felt that e-trade would enable her to devote more time to creating, Maureen let go of her Parisian workshop in 2016.

She now imagines and creates her delicate and ethereal garments at the edge of a wood, in Brittany.
Surrounded by nature, she has finally found a lifestyle that is in perfect harmony with her personality.


 * Creations

Maureens only sews unique pieces and hand-produced collections. She follows her inspirations, her feelings, but never the moment's fashion, as she strives to infuse her designs with a sense of timelessness and a glimpse of faerie.Finishing touches and fabrics are paramount to her, that's why she favours natural fabrics like linen, cotton or wool.


* Work Ethic

Prices are calculated to be as reasonable as possible, year in, year out.
No retail nor distribution margins are added, as you directly purchase from her, no middlemen here.Most of the time, her clothes are machine-washable, first for practicity, but also to avoid dry cleaning and solvants.
Maureen makes the most out of each square meter of fabric, the offcuts are reused as much as possible to avoid waste.
Subcontracters are locally hired.
Maureen is a trademark, and her designs are protected.